Change the path of storage folder... Cambiar la ruta del folder de almacenamiento...

Hi everyone, I read some questions in this forum and I can’t find something similar to my question, I install Orthanc in OpenSuse Leap 15.2 and when I try to change the storage folder path in the ‘Configurations.json’ file, the Orthanc service do not start, I try to change the privileges and owner of the new directory and the result is the same, do not work. Then I install orthanc in Windows Server 2019, and I have the same problem, when I change the storage folder path in the ‘Configurations.json’ file, the service do not start, so, somebody know how change the path directory of storage???

Hola a todos, estuve leyendo algunas preguntas en este foro y no pude encontrar algo similar a mi duda. He instalado Orthanc en la distro OpenSuse 15.2 y cuando trato de cambiar la ruta de la carpeta de almacenamiento en el archivo ‘Configurations.json’ el servicio de Orthan ya no inicia. Intenté cambiar los privilegios y el propietario de la nueva direccion y tuve el mismo resultado, no funciona. Instalé entonces Orthan en un Windows Server 2019 y tuve el mismo problema cuando cambio la ruta del folder de almacenamiento en el archivo ‘Configurations.json’ el servicio ya no arranca, entonces, alguién sabrá como cambiar la ruta del directorio de almacenamiento???


Can you copy and paste the contents of your config file or just send it?

This is my “Configurations.json” file, if you can see, I have commented the original lines of Storage and Index and After this I write the new lines pointing to a folder in the Home directory of the linux account

Configuration.json (22.1 KB)


Please share your log files in “–verbose” mode:

Most probably, your instance of Orthanc has not the write permission to this folder. For instance, in the standard Debian package, Orthanc runs as user “orthanc” in group “orthanc”, as a consequence it wouldn’t have access to a folder that is managed by your user “deysip”.


Hi Sebastian, thanks for your advise and let me apologize for the late answer, I try to generate the log files in “–verbose” mode but I can’t, I dont know if that was because I install Orthanc following the youtube tutorial from Dr. Axel Brown instead of compiling the binaries. Is there another method to generate the log files in --verbose mode in addition to the Orthanc Book process?

Ricardo Martínez


If the openSUSE package doesn’t help, you could use the Docker images or the Linux Standard Base precompiled binaries: (explanations about “–verbose” are provided)


Hi Ricardo

I have Orthanc installed on a server with Windows Server 2012. I store the patient information on a NAS that is installed on the network but I keep the index files on the server’s hard drive, this allows me two things, the first solve the limitation of 2TB of Windows and the second, access to the data in a very fast way (if I install the data and the indexes in the NAS it takes longer to access).

In my case, my orthanc.json configuration file has this configuration declared in the “StorageDirectory” and in the “IndexDirectory” (data on the NAS and indexes on disk C of the server):

“StorageDirectory”: “\\ synology \ share4 \ orthanc”,

“IndexDirectory”: “C: \ Orthanc”,

Just for reference. I have 4 Orthanc servers on the same network with almost 300,000 studies stored and together they occupy 11TB of storage on a NAS. I have several studies stored, from Rx studies that occupy a few megabytes to tomographies that occupy several gigabytes and the maximum delay I have when I look for the information of a patient, in all servers, is 7 seconds. If I needed to reduce that search time even more, I could swap my hard drives for SSDs.

I hope this information is helpful to you