Can't see all studies

When I log in to localdomain 192.168.x.x: 8042 I can't see all the studies that are stored on the server, I can only see some. I wanted to know if there is any possibility of being able to use that platform to visualize ALL the studies.

Hi Elias

I use RADIANT software to see all the studies on Orthanc’s server (there are several software that allow you to view the studies). This program is fast in searches, simple and easy to configure on the network.
In my case, with this software I handle more than 50,000 studies on 4 servers connected to the same network without any problem. Unlike the web search that has a restriction of 100 studies, the radiant software has no problem with that.




What do you mean by “I can’t see all the studies”?

Is it because Orthanc Explorer only shows up to 100 studies if clicking on the “All studies” button? If so, please carefully read the following FAQ:

If this is your issue, you have a whole range of possible solutions: