can't modify OtherPatientIDs ?

Hi there,

Small question, in the main dicom tag at patient level, in some case the OtherPatientIDs is available (most often existing tag but empty “”).

I tried to modify this tag with the /modify API, if I include the “OtherPatientIDs” in Replace or Remove payload of modify API, i get http 500 with this answer

body: ‘{\n’ +
‘\t"HttpError" : “Internal Server Error”,\n’ +
‘\t"HttpStatus" : 500,\n’ +
‘\t"Message" : “Unknown DICOM tag”,\n’ +
‘\t"Method" : “POST”,\n’ +
‘\t"OrthancError" : “Unknown DICOM tag”,\n’ +
‘\t"OrthancStatus" : 27,\n’ +
‘\t"Uri" : “/patients/…/modify”\n’ +

Is it normal ? is this tag not editable or is it a bug ?

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Hello Salim,

The “OtherPatientIDs” tag is now retired in the DICOM standard. You should use the “RETIRED_OtherPatientIDs” symbolic name or, better, the hexadecimal value “0010,1000” to access the tag across different versions of DCMTK.

New applications should use “OtherPatientIDsSequenceAttribute” (0010,1002) in place of “OtherPatientIDs”. For instance:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/studies/66c8e41e-ac3a9029-0b85e42a-8195ee0a-92c2e62e/modify -d ‘{“Replace”:{“OtherPatientIDsSequence”:[{“PatientID”:“HELLO”}]}}’


Thanks Sebastien for your answer,

I will simple filter out this item,

being retired do you plan to switch the “OrtherPatientIDs” to “OtherPatientIDsSequenceAttribute” in MainDicomTags in patient level orthanc API response ? or let this way for non breaking existing install ?

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There is no plan to replace “OtherPatientIDs” in the Orthanc REST API, as this would indeed break downward compatibility, which is something we absolutely want to avoid.