Can't anonymize a study with no patientID ?

Hi there,

I might found a bug in the anonymization function of Orthanc.

Here is the dicom dataset (it was a public dataset coming from Osirix)

This dataset has the particularity to not have patientID
When I try to anonymize this study with the anonymize API I got this error (Orthanc 1.5.6)

W0711 08:15:06.683847 ResourceModificationJob.cpp:163] An instance was removed after the job was issued: 8717f5ce-83a3aaa0-e344916f-cbd14899-2ed5e4ac

And the Anon API do not return any anonymized study (and no anonymized study appears in Orthanc) (in the anonymize process I tell orthanc to define a new patientID).

I know that missing patientID is a dicom violation (type 1 tag) however, the world is full of ugly DICOMs as many anonymization software do dirty stuff removing type1 tags etc… (And I fear to recieve a lot of dirty dicoms…)

Is there a way to fix this issue to be able to redifine patientID during anon even if this tag is missing in the input dicom ?

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Orthanc 1.5.7 should be more tolerant with such invalid files thanks to the following changeset:


wow perfect, I didn’t see that it was already fixed !

Thank you !