Cannot send to Orthanc


I am trying to setup Orthanc at home as a test configuration before attempting a larger scale deploymenyt at our hospital. Orthanc is running on a PC and my other computer is a Mac Book Pro running Horos.

Here’s what I have been able to achieve:

  • I installed Orthanc on PC. I can upload DICOM files from the PC.
  • I can verify that the connection from the PC to Mac works (Test Echo result shoes it succeeded)
  • I can successfully search the patient list on the Horos from Orthanc.
  • I can send a patient from Orthanc to Horos without a problem.

Here’s what I can’t do:

  • I have added Orthanc as a location on Horos but when I hit verify, the IP address becomes red (I assume that means the C-Echo from Horos doesn’t succeed)
  • I cannot send a patient from Horos to Orthanc. It tells: “DICOM storeSCU operation failed. DICOM Network Failure (STORE-SCU TLS). Unable to set selected cipher suites.”

Can it be a network / firweall problem?


It was indeed a firewall problem (had to forward port on both the router and Windows firewall). I also had activated TLS but didn’t need it, so deactivating it corrected the problem.

14 Ekim 2017 Cumartesi 20:27:48 UTC+3 tarihinde drmaestro88 yazdı: