Can Anyone Help Me?

I have used Orthanc for last couple of years but we recently got a new ultrasound that does not need a server. But we are still using our old ultrasound at another location.
It is not communicating with my computer. It does the ultrasound fine but cannot get it to send the images. It says it cannot find the server. Is there someone who can take me through it step by step so I can get the ultrasound to send the images again. I know if I can just get the coding right I can get it to work. The old ultrasound is a Philips Ultramark 400c. I know it is a dinosaur but it has served us well. I would like to use it until we can afford another ultrasound.

Thank you
Candice Dicke


You can certainly configure the DICOM protocol to connect your old ultrasound to Orthanc. Please check out the Orthanc Book: