Callbacks to react on dicom changes events


I’ve checked this part of the documentation to have an exhaustive list of available callbacks :

So I can see there is a callback for any new dicom uploaded in Orthanc, but I would like to know if there is the same for any update and deletion dicom’s as well ?

I found something in the SDK : ( cfr OrthancPluginRegisterOnChangeCallback )

Does it mean there is lua function for such case ( update / delete instance ) ?

thanks for your help,



No, there are no lua callbacks for deletion.
The DELETE change is only available through the plugin sdk.

Thanks for the answer.

Is it foreseen to provide those in future release ? or not at all ?

Hi Fred,

It is currently not planned for the future. From the technical point of view, it can be done.

Dear Fred,

I have just implemented this feature by the following changeset:

The Orthanc Book documents the newly introduced Lua events: (check out “OnDeletedXXX” and “OnUpdatedXXX” events)

This modification is now pending in the mainline, and will be available in forthcoming release 1.6.0 of Orthanc.