C-Store returns no error when Pacs server is not returning

Hi Team,

Is it required to issue “dicom c-echo” to ensure the connectivity with Pacs server before every send ( C-Store) ? It seems C-Store will not return any error if the Pacs server is not running.

Thank you for your support.



No, C-ECHO is not mandatory before each C-STORE.

You probably don’t get any error because, by default, C-Store runs in Asynchronous mode (which means it returns a job id and you have to monitor the job status). Check this page for more info: https://book.orthanc-server.com/users/advanced-rest.html#synchronous-vs-asynchronous-calls

If you run the C-Store in synchronous mode, you’ll get the result in the response from the rest request.



Thank you all Alain. I switched to Synchronous mode.