C-FIND SCU for PatientName is case sensitive (Unicode)

I'm trying to integrate the Orthanc into our infrastructure and got negative feedback from users with search issues. Is it possible to provide case insensitive C-FIND requests (/modalities/orthanc/find-patient)? Thanks.


Hi Sebastien,

testing with Orthanc 1.2, Osirix 8 and an dcm with PatientName as follows:
PatientName (0010,0010) KÄTEST^TEST

Seeing that the config var. is not working as expected.
Osirix finds the patient if I search for “K” or “KÄ” but not for “Kä”

It makes no difference if I set the config var to true or false

// When handling a C-Find SCP request, setting this flag to “true”

// will enable case-sensitive match for PN value representation

// (such as PatientName). By default, the search is

// case-insensitive, which does not follow the DICOM standard.

“CaseSensitivePN” : false,

Looks like a problem when using german umlaute like “Ää” or the config flag does not work at all (have not tested other cases yet)


Dear Torsten,

I confirm that case-insensitive matching over special characters is not supported as of Orthanc <= 1.2.0.

I have just introduced an issue in our bugtracker: