C-Find Options


I’m trying to get more parameters than usual from a C Find to a remote modality, but I’ve encountered some issues.
I cannot understand why if, for example, I include “StudyDate”:“” in my query I get back the study date from the C Find, while if I write “InsitutionName”:“”, or “Manufacturer”:“”, they won’t appear in the answer/ ‘0’ / content.

In the API guide there is written that you can obtain from a CFind a non-standard parameter by adding “your-parameter-name”:“”, but it works for me only for some tags, and I don’t understand why.
In the guide there is also written that you can use the “Normalize”:False, to get for example the InstitutionName at study level, but it doesn’t work for me and I don’t know what is Normalize supposed to to.

Which is the right way to add more parameters?
May these issues be due to the remote modality which is not Orthanc based?

Thank you

Use the DICOM conformance statement of the remote system to establish which tags they will return in response to a C-FIND.

Most will only respond to the tags required by the standard.