basic orrthanc configuration

how can generate thie JSON file with the following call: $ Orthanc --config=Configuration.json. please as a beguiner i am blocked.thanks!!

All these intro steps are documented in the Orthanc Manual:

Download Orthanc below and follow the guide above:

Hello Barno,

I had the same problem and I think I found it:

The configuration.json file is in your installation directory in the folder configuration. It’s just another name : orthanc.jsonC:\program files\orthanc server\Configuration\orthanc.json
The file is automatically create in the installation.

Change inside the orthanc.json :
“RemoteAccessAllowed” to “true”

and after you can access to the page:


I just discover in the same moment. So funny :slight_smile: Hope this information can help you.

Best regards,