azure blob storage plugin in Orthanc Docker

Is it possible to use azure blob storage plugin in Orthanc free docker

Yes, it is possible however there is no pre-compiled version available ( In order to use them, you will have to compile them yourself and please note they are licensed under AGPL, so you need to be aware of the conditions of use required by this license (


I used the following

docker run -p 8042:8042 -p 4242:4242 -v plugin-config.json:/etc/orthanc/plugin-config.json mschmieder/orthanc-plugins:latest

with following config file

“AzureBlobStorage” : { “EnableStorage” : true, “ConnectionString” : “DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX;AccountKey=YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY;”, “ContainerName” : “orthanc-storage” }

Container created, But data is not saved, i got the error like

Using AzureBlobStorage storage area

orthancA | E0303 06:15:42.189367 main.cpp:1339] Uncaught exception, stopping now: [URI must contain a hostname.]


I suspect that you are using this plugin, is this right? If so, I’m not familiar with this plugin. You may be best asking the Author on GitHub.

There is a Orthanc/Osimis Azure Storage Plugin available documented here - but these have different configurations.

Sorry I can’t help more.


I use

I got

these three files in binary But files are missing

Any other procedure there to get this?

The first 3 libs are generated by the call to vcpkg while is generated by the call to cmake.

Sure you don’t get any error from cmake ?

i got all plugins but when i configured using following config file
“AzureBlobStorage” : { “ConnectionString”: “DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=xxxxxxxxx;AccountKey=yyyyyyyy===;”, “ContainerName” : “test-orthanc-storage-plugin”, “RootPath”: “”, // see below “MigrationFromFileSystemEnabled”: false, // see below “StorageStructure”: “flat” // see below }

i got



Where did you get the source code from ? You’re using version 0.2.3 while we (Osimis) started numbering versions at 0.9.0 !!!

I tried to do the following

first installed vcpkg
./vcpkg install cpprestsdk


mkdir -p build/azure
cd build/azure
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=[vcpkg root]\scripts\buildsystems\vcpkg.cmake …/…/orthanc-object-storage/Azure

but i got error

could not find a package configuration file provided by “cryptopp” with any of the following names: cryptoppconfig.cmake cryptopp-config.cmake

$ ./vcpkg install cryptopp