autoplay video / cine loops

I notice ‘autoplay’ property here:

I’d like to configure our Osimis viewer to autoplay videos as they are loaded. How is this done?
thank you

Hi Scott,

Well, actually, videos should auto-play. I just confirmed it with Chrome and Firefox from this demo:

By “Cine”, you might mean this kind of studies:

There’s indeed no way to auto-play them right now. Once you’ve dropped the first series in the viewport, you can use the “space” to start play-back and “up-down” arrows to switch series…

Best regards,


Thanks for the response. Our ultrasound “videos” behave like the cine loops you link to, no auto play. It would be useful, as our end users flip through viewing 20 or more clips to reduce keystrokes by 50%. So, someday when autoplay is available for all multi-image formats, we will definitely make use of it.