Automatically sasve series as single dicom file


is it possible to let orthanc automatically combine all dicom frames of a series into a single file and save that instead of the single files? The reason why this would be cool is that we have many fMRT series with >10k single frames, which leads to unpleasant file system performance (in total there are ~40 million files, amount increasing)

If someone has an idea what could be done, please let me know :slight_smile:



Orthanc is not able to do that directly. One instance = one file.

But, you can probably convert your dicom series into a multi frame DICOM.

You could possibly do that with a python plugin triggered by the StableSeries event. You would then use pydicom to merge all single files into a multiframe DICOM, upload it to Orthanc and delete the then obsolete singel frame instances.



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I see, thanks for the input :smiley: