automatic send to peer


if I have an orthanc on device number 1, and I want to send every case that receives/uploaded to the second orthanc device automatically
is there a way to do that?
either via API or configurations?
if not, is there a way to tell orthanc/orthanc DB to tell me when a new case is uploaded/received?

Hi Mohammed,

There is not an out of the box method to automatically transfer images to another modality or peer. There is an example of a Lua script here that can be used to forward images when they are received.

In terms of notifications, you can use a Lua ( or Python ( script to react to changes. You can also poll the /changes REST api ( to detect changes.

Hope that helps.



I´m using the first option mentioned by James via a very simple LUA script. In my case it works flawlessly. Best regards, Jorge

Thank you all very much
I have used the LAU script, and found that it helps me with this and much more