API C-Move by UUID

Good Day,
I think I have asked this before but cannot find it.
Is there a way I can from the API perform a C-Move from Orthanc to a remote device just by either the Accession, StudyInstanceUID, or Orthanc Study UID?
I am looking to avoid having to perform an extra query then retrieve.



curl --request POST --url http://localhost:8042/modalities/samples/move \ –data ‘{ “Level” : “Study”, “Resources” : [ { “StudyInstanceUID”: “1.2.840.113543.” } ], “TargetAet”: “ORTHANCB”, “Timeout”: 60 }’


Hi Stephen,
Yes, that is Orthanc requesting a study from a remote Modality to send to Orthanc. I am looking to send a study from Orthanc to a Remote Modality.

Maybe this then ? I’ve used that also to sort of “fetch” a study from PACS.


curl -X POST http://localhost:8042/modalities/sample/store -d c4ec7f68-9b162055-2c8c5888-5bf5752f-155ab19f

I think the C-Move would also work if you also define the Orthanc Host as a modality in your configuration, which I usually end up doing, often just as “SELF”.

In order for C-Move to work, you need to have a CStoreSCP class defined as well which would be responsible for enabling the transfer of files from the server to your machine.
Also, you need to add your machine (the one on which you are running the API) as a DICOM modality on your server.
Look into the Orthanc.json file in Orthanc folder in your program files and see if that helps.

This worked perfectly, thanks!


Glad I could help.