Any way to attach a non dicom file to a patient or study?

Dear friends ;
At first iam aradiologest not programer

I want to attach a MSword file to a patient or to a study is it possible through the web interface of orthanc

The scenario is
I wave a small clinic where i will connect orthanc to its CT and US.
I will review the studyies from remote sites through the web interface either by its web viewer ( very limited function) or by downloading the studies to my lap and open it by any free viewer
3- i will write the diagnostic report as MS word on my laptop
4- sending the report by emails.
Till now thats great but i want to attach this report to the study for later reviews or archiving.
So is it possible for orthanc to attach this MS word file to the patient study at its database
It will be great feature, that every radiologest seeking for.
Thank for replay

Is it to difficult question....?
ANY ANSWER.......?


This is free and opensource project.

Be polite, be respectful, and wait for your turn.

The Orthanc core allows attaching custom files (i.e. non-DICOM files) to any patient, study, series or instance.

This is documented in the REST API, under the URIs “/{resourceType}/{id}/attachments”:

In these URIs:

  • “resourceType” is either “patients”, “studies”, “series” or “instances”.
  • “id” needs to be an integer above 1024, or a string declared in the “UserContentType” configuration option (cf.
    However, this feature is currently only available to developers that use the REST API; It is not available in the default GUI (aka. “Orthanc Explorer”). So, you’ll have to wait for this feature or to hire a developer to implement this feature for you in Orthanc Explorer.


PS: My answer comes after 2 business days since I’m back from vacation. Not bad for a free and open-source project. Most private companies would answer such questions in a much longer delay.

thanks for your replay ,
and i am really appreciate your hard { free charged } work

as i said before the possibility of attaching reports for any study is highly important function for every radiologist.

so I will wait patiently for including this function at the main GUI to be used for every patient in the explorer in some easy way .

thanks again for your great work

yours ,

Fine, glad that this answer is useful to you!

We will of course take your request in consideration for future versions of Orthanc.