I finished the project and posted it on SourceForge. There are instructions, source code and a working copy of the Orthanc console running inside of Apache2 with a live database and an x-ray picture of some scissors the tech snapped. It’s downloadable as a VMware 1.3 gig OVA. You can import it into an ESXi server, VMware Workstation, or Oracle VirtualBox which is FREE. I tested workstation and VirtualBox and it popped right up like it had always lived there. The main Debian Linux console throws the ip number right on the login assuming you have dhcp without even having to login. root 12345 The virtual can be pointed at a real Orthanc server just by tweaking the /etc/rc.local and /var/www/html/settings.php

The project also has enough instructions for you to install and create a stand alone paper scanner portal in a virtual machine from scratch if that is your thing or a stand alone junk pc that you can sling in a closet. Or you can install it and use it directly on a Linux server already running Orthanc. You’ve got options.

It includes the windows code written in Autoit that so far is as stable as I have tested. I have left it running for weeks. It just takes a nap and waits for a command. There is also a windows installer I made. And both of those come with source code so you can compile your own code. I didn’t make the code overly complex so they are an easy read. But the PHP code is a a morning read after drinking a pot of coffee.

I tested it yesterday and crammed 25 pages into our server using a Fujitsu paper scanner. So it is multi-page ready and batteries not included. Went perfect without a hitch. I was quite pleased.

But let’s consider it to be in Beta. Not that I know of anything wrong with it. But we need more eyes on it to see if anyone can find anything wrong with it besides my bad jokes in the instructions. So check it out and let me know what you think.

Also if you guys don’t throw too many rotten tomatoes at me I have plans to write a fully JavaScript version that might be more palatable to the purists among you with your more refined tastes.

Not one comment? Are you people brain dead in here? Do any of you zombies even have a pulse? Are you telling me that that there is not one person in here who saw this post that understands what this project does? I didn’t figure for a ticket tape parade but you gotta be kidding me.

Usually this functionality is covered by the normal practise/hospital
information systems, so I can imagine the demand of importing paper
scans into the PACS is limited.

And I noticed you announced it only two says ago on Friday... so...weekend.

Had trouble downloading the software yesterday on SourceForge for some reason. Was able to download today. Read through the documentation. It sounds like the scanner software only runs under Windows, but you can access it over a network on or on the local machine while running in VB. I’m running LINUX UBUNTU, so would I need to install VB on my LINUX box if I co-located Orthanc and the scanner software (https://phoenixnap.com/kb/install-virtualbox-on-ubuntu) ?

Thanks for the documentation. Might have to explore your method of playing with the front-end for Orthanc Explorer also.

Have not looked at the whole package yet, but I’d prefer to use my own PHP application and just extract the required code for the front-end for that from your project. Not sure that is possible. Not really a high priority for me, but I should find some time to at least install the .ova package so I’ll have something to play with.


Thanks for your contribution!

I have just indexed it in the dedicated “OrthancContributed” repository on GitHub:

I am pretty sure this will be useful to other people.