Annotations on Osimis Web Viewer?

Hi Everyone

I everyone, I have a few questions about annotations.

I am using the 18.3.5 orthanc/osimis docker image on Ubuntu Xenial, with

1. Are arrow and text and arrow annotations only available on the ALPHA
build for the Osimis web, and consequently only Regions of Interest are
available on the official build?
This is slightly confusing as on the DEMO page,
blog/2016/10/14/plugin-osimis-pro-viewer.html, the text and arrow
annotations are available?

Yes, they are actually only accessible on the ALPHA version. The DEMO page
runs the latest stable release.

2. How can you delete an annotation?

Drag one of the handle out of the image.

3. Is there anyway to secure annotations on a user level? i.e. restrict
the visibility of annotations to certain users?


Any idea when the Osimis Web Viewer prelease-1.1 might be released?