annotation tool for Orthanc Stone Web Viewer

Dear Sir,
Would you please help me with the question related to “Orthanc Stone Web Viewer” new generation?

Is there any annotation tool for using on pathology whole slide image (WSI)"?
Do you have test version now? Or when does Orthanc plan to release that function?

Your kind information will be appreciated.
Thank you very much!



As of writing, the WSI viewer for Orthanc and the Stone Web viewer are maintained as separate projects:

There is currently no plan to integrate the two projects within the same free and open-source interface, we would need funding from the industry. Note that Osimis already proposes such an unified interface known as Lify.

Regarding the introduction of annotation tools into the WSI viewer of Orthanc, there is no plan either, and we’re also looking for funding. In the meantime, you could consider using the open-source Cytomine project to this end: