Accessing Multi-Frame Instances


I’m extending my Dicom viewer to include a liver iron concentration calculator. My scanner (Philips) provides me a single instance with 24-frames (anonymized and attached to this post).

When I call /instances/{id}/frames : I get the list of frames from 0 to 23.
When I call /instances/{id}/frames/0/preview, it returns the preview of frame 0.

When I call /instances/{id}/frames/x/preview, it still returns the preview of frame 0.

I tried calling /matlab for all the frames and compared them, and they all return frame 0.

I looked at the pixeldata from 7fe0-0010: it’s implicit VR little endian of all the frames, concatenated.

Is this most likely to be a bug in Orthanc (currently running 0.8.4) or is the scanner giving an unfriendly DICOM file? Osirix and Syngo.Via seem able to access the frames with no problem.

If it’s an unfriendly DICOM file, then I’ll have to chop up the pixeldata myself. :wink:


Emsy (2.89 MB)


Thanks for reporting this issue! This was indeed a bug. I have just fixed it in the mainline: