0.9.5 Worklist C-FIND Bad Request


trying to request worklist with Modality Emulator ends with an error.
Here is the log with --verbose and --trace activated :

CommandDispatcher.cpp:491] Association Received from AET … on IP …
CommandDispatcher.cpp:689] Association Acknowledged (Max Send PDV: 16372)
main.cpp:120] No limit on the number of C-FIND results at the Patient, Study and Series levels
main.cpp:130] No limit on the number of C-FIND results at the Instance level
FindScp.cpp:188] C-FIND request handler has failed: Bad request
CommandDispatcher.cpp:860] DUL Peer Requested Release
CommandDispatcher.cpp:867] Association Release

is there some restriction to worklist C-FIND requests content that Modality Emulator doesn’t respect ?

is there a way to show query content in the log for debug ?


Sorry, I have no access to Modality Emulator, as I only work with cross-platform, free and open-source tools. But, Modality Emulator does not work under Linux.

You have not provided the full log file, are you sure that the “ModalityWorklists” plugin is loaded? This sample plugin should print the content of the request.

I cannot provide any further help. Please try and reproduce your issue with standard tools (e.g. “findscu” from DCMTK or “dcmmwl” from dcm4che2).


I have managed to reproduce a problem similar to yours with “dcmmwl”, by typing:

./dcmmwl -L ORTHANCTEST ORTHANC@localhost:4242 -r 00100020

A patch has just been pushed to the mainline:

Would it be possible for you to test whether this patch also solves your problem with Modality Emulator?

Thanks for the feedback,

It works like a charm with this patch, thank you ! :wink: