WorklistsDatabase trouble inexistent folder

Hello. I’m having trouble trying to set up the modality worklists plugin. No docker, just plain linux.

I’ve created /home/miguel/WorklistsDatabase with the sample wl files inside.

Config file:

“Plugins” : [


“Worklists” : {
“Enable”: true,
“Database”: “/home/miguel/WorklistsDatabase” // Path to the folder with the worklist files

When I query using findscu

findscu -W -k “ScheduledProcedureStepSequence[0].Modality=CT” 4242

I get nothing, and the log shows

W0210 10:17:14.226351 main.cpp:802] Loading plugin(s) from: /usr/share/orthanc/plugins/
W0210 10:17:14.226458 PluginsManager.cpp:269] Registering plugin ‘worklists’ (version 1.7.1)
W0210 10:17:14.226473 PluginsManager.cpp:168] Sample worklist plugin is initializing
W0210 10:17:14.226612 PluginsManager.cpp:168] The database of worklists will be read from folder: /home/miguel/WorklistsDatabase
I0210 10:17:14.226618 OrthancPlugins.cpp:2063] Plugin has registered a callback to handle modality worklists
I0210 10:17:18.248771 PluginsManager.cpp:172] Received worklist query from remote modality FINDSCU:
“0040,0100” :
“0008,0060” : “CT”

E0210 10:17:18.248845 PluginsManager.cpp:164] Inexistent folder while scanning for worklists: /home/miguel/WorklistsDatabase
E0210 10:17:18.248891 FindScp.cpp:298] C-FIND request handler has failed: The specified path does not point to a directory

So, what am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your help!

Well I had mi WorklistsDatabase directory set as 777, and it did not work. BUT, as you adviced a permission problem, I moved the directory to root (just to try), and it works ok!

So thank you very much!