i m new user of orthanc and i have two questions:
1- i have HIS system (developed by C# and SQL server as data base) and i want to send patient automatiqly (name ,date of birth ,sexe…) where i save this patient from my HIS and i find it in the modality (scanner or MRI …) , i read it worklist documentation:
but i didn’t understood how to add patient directly ???
2- if i use Mirth connect how to configure it to show my patient in the modality? and i read in this groupe that orthanc doesn’t support HL7 message
thank you


1- If using the sample modality worklist, you’ll have to write the worklist corresponding to your patient as a DICOM file in the “WorklistDatabase” folder, as explained in the tutorial:

2- Please carefully read the following FAQ, that explains that it is up to you to create a C/C++ plugin to integrate Orthanc with Myrth:


thank you it work fine , but in the echographe i can’t filtre by modality
i use (0008,0060) CS [US] # 2, 1 Modality