worklist error when i stared orthanc with comand line

i stared the orthanc with this comand:Orthanc.exe --verbose Configuration\orthanc.json
but i get this error

I1204 18:39:17.321527 CommandDispatcher.cpp:360] Association Received from AET GEMSGEMS on IP
I1204 18:39:17.337141 main.cpp:195] Incoming connection from AET GEMSGEMS on IP, calling AET ORTHANC
I1204 18:39:17.352761 CommandDispatcher.cpp:582] Association Acknowledged (Max Send PDV: 65452)
I1204 18:39:17.368392 CommandDispatcher.cpp:584] (but no valid presentation contexts)
I1204 18:39:17.384015 CommandDispatcher.cpp:785] Peer aborted Association (or never connected)
I1204 18:39:17.384015 CommandDispatcher.cpp:797] Association Aborted

can you help please

You should provide more info:

  • what is your modality trying to do ? C-Find for worklist ?
  • has the modality worklist plugin been enabled ?

Yes worklist is enabled . The comand is
Findscu -w 104 -k 0008,0050=“*”

That’s not the command that produced the log you’ve provided.

Please check this page:

  • check the DicomModalities section
  • findscu should be declared there or it should use one of the AET defined in this section
  • provide the logs related to the command you issue (including a log that proves that the worklist plugin is enabled)