Window/level problem (Osimis viewer) and MR images

I have installed the last version of Orthanc (OrthancInstaller-Win64-17.7.0.exe, I have a problem with Window/level in Osimis web viewer (version If I select this option I can change the window/level values using the mouse (left button). However, if Preset option or CT lung was previously selecting, the left button does not work with an MR image (I have tried with two different MRI series). It works with a CT image or a mammography. Do you know why?

Thank you so much.



Dear Verónica,

Is this issue also present within the Orthanc Web viewer, or only in the Osimis Web viewer?


Dear Sébastien,

This issue is just in Osimis web viewer. It works with Orthanc Web viewer.

Best regards!