Wildcard config for DICOM clients

Is there a way to use wildcards in the LIST OF DICOM CLIENTS portion of the config? I have several Osirix users and would like to use a single entry to encompass all of them..something like this:

"Osirix" : [ "OsiriX-%", "172.17.000.%", 11112]

If possible, this would keep me from having to add an entry for each one.


No, there is no such a feature in Orthanc.

I would suggest you to create a simple script that would automatically generate your configuration file, given the number of OsiriX clients.

This could for instance be done in a few lines of Python.

To piggyback off of this, because I have the same issue, is there a way to change the configuration file through the Orthanc interface then, without having to restart Orthanc?

In my use-case, Orthanc runs on a restricted device, yet the data that the Orthanc serves is not private or is restricted, only the device hardware is. This means the end-user can not change configuration scripts or even restart Orthanc. It is then impossible to use a new DICOM viewer which was not added to the configuration file from the start.

Yes, you can remotely reboot Orthanc by POST-ing an empty HTTP query on URI “/tools/reset”. For instance using curl:

curl -X POST http://localhost:8042/tools/reset -d “”



Hi Sébastien,

I read list api at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1muKHMIb9Br-59wfaQbDeLzAfKYsoWfDSXSmyt6P4EM8/pubhtml?gid=1231659957&single=true

But it is so simple,

Do you have any detail document for these APIs?


Besides this quick reference of the REST API, you can refer to the Orthanc Book (https://orthanc.chu.ulg.ac.be/book/users/rest.html) and to the integration tests to have full working examples (https://bitbucket.org/sjodogne/orthanc-tests/src/default/Tests/Tests.py).