When limiting database size or number of patients, what studies are deleted first? And at the series level too?

Dear all,

I have a quick question regarding the study management in Orthanc.

  • When I set a maximum size for the database or maximum number of patients/studies, what is deleted first?
  • Is this a first in/first out type of deletion? Meaning the studies are deleted in order of landing on Orthanc (by date landed) or is this done by study date?- If I limit the size of the database, are series deleted also as we run out of space, or studies directly?

Thank you!



Hi Sylvain,

1- The DICOM tag “Study Date” is not used to determine the recycling order: The patients are removed by order of landing on Orthanc.

2- The granularity is at the patient level: When one patient gets recycled, all its child studies/series/instances are removed at once.


Awesome, thank you much Sebastien :). Crystal clear.