What parameters are accepted by the query / retrieve level study?

I can try with this param:

query.Level = "STUDY";
query.Query = {};
query.Query.PatientName = '*';
query.Query.PatientID = '*';
query.Query.StudyDate = '*';
query.Query.ModalitiesInStudy = '*';
query.Query.SpecificCharacterSet = "ISO_IR 192";
query.Query.AccessionNumber = "*";
query.Query.StudyDescription = "*";
query.Query.PatientBirthDate = "";
query.Query.PatientSex = "*";

And 'possible to know the NumberOfStudyRelatedInstances before retrieve ?? Other params accepted?

and also is it possible to query with 0008,0080 InstutituionName?

10 Eylül 2015 Perşembe 16:10:32 UTC+3 tarihinde marco…@hotmail.it yazdı:

I do not understand your question.

Please would you kindly restate it more clearly?


I want to know which fields DICOM you can recover just doing a query.

I think he is asking if he can make a query with just filling some parameters and letting blank the others (using ‘*’ as a wildcard), I guess.