What means "Status : unknown" in the displayed Series header ?

What is the purpose of the displayed header info "Status:unknown" in a Series description in Orthanc? I was not able to figure it out by looking at the program code.


Marco Barnig


There is no generic DICOM tag that contains the number of DICOM instances that are contained in a given series, and there is no generic tag that contains the index of a DICOM instance inside its parent series. It is thus in general impossible to know whether a series that is stored by Orthanc is complete: This is the semantics of the “Unknown” series status.

However, for some types of images (such as cardiac MRI), the DICOM modules might specify a tag that contains this information. If such a tag is available for a series, Orthanc will either report a “Complete” status (if all the instances have been received), or “Incomplete” (if some instances are still missing). The “Inconsistent” code might also be reported, if there is an error inside the numbering of the instances.


Thank you Sébastien for your detailed answer.
I was not aware that there is no "status" related generic tag.
I thought something was missing in my DICOM files.
I am glad to know that I can simply ignore the status for now.

kind regards,

Marco Barnig