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In the interests of full disclosure :slight_smile:
I’m not a Radiologist or Radiographer… And I have no network or programming qualifications.

I’'m looking for a Basic web viewer to link to a simple emergency Dicom DB, Orthanc seems to meet my needs but I worry the Web Viewer plug-in as good as it is may be a little complex for the users, they are used to searching for an appointment and opening it the scrolling between a series, where as Orthanc WV only opens when you select a series from an event. Are there any other Web Viewers developed that would give a simpler search and open routine?

Thanks for any forthcoming advice

Hi Gary,

Have a look at a demo here: http://osimisviewer.osimis.io/. Compared to the standard Orthanc WebViewer, it offers multi-serie view (drag-and-drop them from the left pane) and some basic measuring tools.

It’s a replacement for the Orthanc Web Viewer so it installs exactly the same way (as a plugin).

To install it on Linux, we recommend that you use Docker. On Windows or OSX, you might download compiled binaries from here.

Disclaimer: I’m the CTO of Osimis who develops this viewer … however, this viewer is open-source as well and you can use it free of charge in any kind of applications.



I'm the main developer of the Osimis Wiewer.

The link Alain posted points toward the usual Orthanc view (which leads to the osimis viewer).
You can also see a global demo, independant from the Orthanc view here:

Note the viewer is being actively optimised at the moment.

Feel free to ask any question :slight_smile:


Is there a way of customizing the viewer, its a lot better than the stock viewer… for my uses, but personal preferences for me would be to remove the measuring tools and the sequence player, then with the basics left maybe give a description of its use while the mouse hoversover it.


Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated !

Customization has to be done within the source code. For non-developer, it is kind of hard as it requires to install specific tools to do the code compilation. We don't plan to integrate any custimization feature for the moment.

Concerning the tooltips (to show a tool description on mouse over), we will integrate them but they are not in our top-priority list. They will probably be integrated in 2/3 months but I can't give you any guarantee.

Best Regards,

I tried installing Osimis. It worked initially, and then it stopped. When I tried entering "localhost" or "localhost:8042" into my browser nothing happened. Do I need to run "sudo ./setup.sh" every time I need to run Osimis? Even when I try to re-run "sudo ./setup.sh" nothing changes. I killed all processes using ports 80, 4242, and 8042 and still nothing happens.


You should not need to run setup.sh again.

Could you show me the content of the file “OrthancLogs/orthanc_supervisor.log” please ?

Great Viewer;


Please add reference lines to the viewer if possible



Unfortunately, we have orther priorities at the moment.

I can’t guarantee you a release date for this feature.

Thanks for the great effort
Could you please provide the source code?

Source code is available here: https://bitbucket.org/osimis/osimis-webviewer-plugin

You may want to check cornerstoneTools (https://github.com/chafey/cornerstoneTools/tree/master/src/referenceLines) if you want to integrate such a feature. There is already some helper tools available there.

You can also check these folders (on the webviewer repo): frontend/src/app/toolbar/, frontend/src/app/viewport/image-plugins/ & frontend/src/app/viewport/series-plugins/

We would be very pleased to implement the feature back in our viewer. The licence is AGPL.

Of course i will send you any progress i achieve.
I will look into the source code
but have reference line require loading the metadata of the images.
does your viewer have a metadata provider?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have a look at src/app/image/image.model.js. (image = either an instance or a single frame from multiframe instance)You can simply access dicom tags via “image.tags”. Not sure it would work well with multiframe instance in this case though.

If you have a look at image-plugins/base-tools.class.js samples for instance, you can access the viewport and its current image via the getImage method (see viewport.model.js). You can then listen to image changes if you need to.

Have you a good understanding of the angularjs framework? This part of the code isn’t massively documented and angularjs may be counterintuitive, especially concerning directives.


But you can move/copy the data you want to visualize from your server to Orthanc…

can i use this source code in windows XP
and how i can do this

بتاريخ الأربعاء، 27 يوليو، 2016 2:51:50 ص UTC-7، كتب Thibault Piront:

download the windows installer from here: https://www.orthanc-server.com/download-windows.php