Using web viewer in index-only mode


is it possible to view dicom files in index-only mode if i have access to the original .dcm? Domething like Dicoogle, which let you see the image if you don’t move the .dcm from the initial directory.


Both the Orthanc Web viewer and the Osimis Web viewer assume that the images are locally stored in their hosting Orthanc server. As a consequence, you first have to send the images to the Orthanc server.

If your goal is to reduce the disk space that is used by Orthanc, check out the “MaximumStorageSize” and the “MaximumPatientCount” configuration options:

These options tell Orthanc to forget old images as new images are received. This can be used to keep the disk space under a threshold (e.g. limit the space dedicated to Orthanc to 10GB), which prevents all the images to be stored twice (once in your PACS, once in Orthanc).