Upload images automatically to Orthanc from a folder in the computer


I would like to know if it is possible to configure Orthanc so that it uploads images automatically from a folder in the computer.

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It is possible with LUA scripts and a directory watch application that will invoke the script to send images to Orthanc.

Refer to sample C# app to create Window Service to Watch File or Directory.

Actually, there are many ways to reach your objective, depending on your computing environment.

As an alternative to Ashton’s suggestion, you could also create a service written in Python that uses the “watchdog” library, and that uses the REST API of Orthanc to upload new files:

It is even possible to create a C/C++ plugin for Orthanc that uses your OS primitives to monitor the content of your folder:

Choosing the right technology for this application is really a matter of personal taste.


Thank you very much for the valuable information!