upload dicom with /instances return nothing

I use the new version 1.9.2 with docker images jodogne/orthanc-plugins:1.9.2,
after i upload one dicom file, i want to get some info in the response, but it return nothing

Is it a bug?

Here is what I get if starting Orthanc as follows:

$ docker run --rm -t -i -p 8042:8042 jodogne/orthanc-plugins:1.9.2

$ curl -v -u orthanc:orthanc http://localhost:8042/instances --data-binary @Brainix/Epi/IM-0001-0001.dcm

< Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
< Content-Length: 367

“ID” : “1d429ccb-bdcc78a1-7d129d6a-ba4966ed-fe4dbd87”,
“ParentPatient” : “16738bc3-e47ed42a-43ce044c-a3414a45-cb069bd0”,
“ParentSeries” : “2ac1316d-3e432022-62eabff2-c59f5475-9b1ac3f8”,
“ParentStudy” : “27f7126f-4f66fb14-03f4081b-f9341db2-53925988”,
“Path” : “/instances/1d429ccb-bdcc78a1-7d129d6a-ba4966ed-fe4dbd87”,
“Status” : “Success”

If using the Web browser, you are not using the same POST call as above, but you are using the multipart upload, for which it is normal to get nothing in the body of the answer:


Got it, thanks a lot