Updating Patient Name

Hi All,

I have a question regarding updating the indexed PatientName for a patient that has different instances with different names.

I have many patients where they have 1 or more instances with the incorrect name and other instances with the correct name, but when I request patient info from /patients/:id it returns the incorrect PatientName.

I can use the patients/:id/modify to update the PatientName tag, but this doesn’t necessarily update the indexed PatientName.

Is there an API to update the indexed PatientName tag in the database?



Hello James,

I think you are looking for the “/instances/…/reconstruct” route in the REST API:

Note that depending on your scenario, the same route is available at the patient, study and series levels.



Thanks Sébastien,

Just so that I can confirm my understanding, to update the Patient’s PatientName in the database, should I call /instances/:id/reconstruct (https://api.orthanc-server.com/#tag/Instances/paths/~1instances~1{id}~1reconstruct/post) using the id of an instance with the correct PatientName. After this, any subsequent calls to /patient/:id will return the correct PatientName?


Indeed, I confirm your understanding.