Unable to Q/R from AGFA IMPAX through Python but can Q/R through Orthanc Explorer


    modality = 'AIORTHANC'
    retrieve = requests.post(base + path + '/retrieve', data =

You're not actually using the modality variable which I believe you
meant to use for the data parameter of the post method. Indeed, a C-
MOVE is merely a request for a C-STORE to an arbitrary DICOM SCP: in
this case the requesting server itself.

I also notice you have an entry in DicomModalities with the same AET as
the local Orthanc server. This might not be an issue but you probably
want to avoid this.


Thank you for your response. I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying. The HSM01 I used in my parameter in that case was the server I was trying to Query/Retrieve (Q/R) from. After some testing through the GUI, I realized that the parameter I was using “HSM01” was actually the modality I was trying to Q/R from, and I needed to actually put in the modality I would like the images moved to. I tried it that way and it still did not work. Is the structure of my post command correct? I guess I’m not sure which modality needs to be listed in my data parameter for this to work properly. Thank you.


After further testing and hair pulling, I’ve gotten it to work. I’m not 100% what I did to make it work, but after many tests, it seems I’m good to go. If I figure out what the solution was, I’ll post here so that others are aware. Thank you for your help.