Typo in orthanc transfers ?

Hi there,

I think there is a typo in Orthanc Transfers plugin.

To add a Patient, Study ressources the strings are “Patient”, “Study”
But to add a Series ressource the string “Serie” output an error “Error encountered within the plugin engine” while “Series” is working properly

There is a small inconsistency with singular for “Patient” and “Study” and plural for “Series”, it may disturb users integrating Orthanc Transfers in third party app,

I wanted to fill an issue in bitbucket but the orthanc-transfers repository doesn’t have an issue tracker,

Best regards,


Dear Salim,

Thanks for your feedback!

Issues related to the plugins are to be sent to the same bug tracker as the Orthanc core, with the proper “Component” field (there is one for the transfers accelerator):


This is not an issue as the word “series” is always plural in English. You can’t say “a serie”, it’s always plural, therefore even for one series, you will say “a series”.

OK got it, so it’s my mistake.

At least if someone goes in the same error than me he will find the answer in this forum ^^