Tudor DICOM plugin and Orthanc : C-Move


I like ImageJ and this software has an interesting plugin for handling the DICOM files : Tudor DICOM plugin.

This plugin can do many things with Orthanc : send to Orthanc (SCU), query from Orthanc (C-Find).

Unfortunately, I can’t retrieve files from Orthanc to my local database (Dicom Store from Tudor).

Tudor seems to use C-Move and uses the library dcm4che (Java).

For information, I just tried to use the C-Store SCU function of Orthanc with :

“curl -X POST http://localhost:8042/modalities/Tudor/store -d …-…-…-…”

And it worked (now, the files are in the local database of Tudor).

Dear Pierre,

Sorry for the long delay…! I have managed to reproduce and solve this issue.

All comes from a problem within Tudor DICOM: When issuing a Query/Retrieve, Tudor does not set the QueryRetrieveLevel tag (0x0008, 0x0052) that is required by the DICOM standard.

A patch to Orthanc has just been pushed in the mainline to overcome this issue:

You will find attached to this message, a screenshot of the Tudor configuration I use, as well as the corresponding Orthanc configuration. The only section that was changed with respect to the default Orthanc configuration is the following:

“DicomModalities” : {
“tudor” : [ “SANTEC”, “localhost”, 5104 ]



PS: Perhaps it would be nice if you could warn Gunter Zeilinger about the compatibility between Orthanc and Tudor. :slight_smile:


OrthancConfiguration.json (6.72 KB)