Trouble with configuration

I am trying to evaluate using Orthanc in our group. One of the users will be using OsiriX to connect to the PACS server.

I've set up in the Configuration.json to allow the DicomModalities from the user I think correctly:

    "hostname" : ["HOME", "IP_ADDRESS", "11112"]

However, I get the following errors from Orthanc:
E0414 09:42:47.864280 89657344 main.cpp:134] Unkwnown remote DICOM modality AET: "hostname"
E0414 09:42:47.864318 89657344 CommandDispatcher.cpp:536] Find requests are disallowed for the AET "hostname"
W: DcmItem: Length of element (0008,0005) is odd
E: DcmElement: SpecificCharacterSet (0008,0005) larger (676675) than remaining bytes (112) in file, premature end of stream
E0414 09:42:47.864440 89657344 CommandDispatcher.cpp:611] DIMSE failure (aborting association): DIMSE: receiveCommand: cmdSet->read() Failed
0001:0004 Invalid stream

Is there something wrong with OsiriX or Orthanc? Thanks for any assistance.


I have read your “DicomModalities” configuration, in which I have spotted one syntax error: You must not enclose the port number between quotes. You should rather use the following line:

“hostname” : [“HOME”, “IP_ADDRESS”, 11112]

Please could you try and remove the quotes, and let us know whether this fixes your problem?

According to this line, please make also sure that the AET of OsiriX is set to “HOME”.



PS : This behavior will be improved in the next release of Orthanc.

Worked perfectly. I had thought the AET was the key for the array, not the first index. Thank you.