Translation to Russian and Ukrainian?

Hi all. What about translation to Russian and Ukrainian? How can I help you? I can translate all modules (web) to Ukrainian and Russian. Maby in future will be some langfiles for different langs? And we can chose it on Orthanc.json?

With best regards.


I thank you much for proposing your help regarding translations!

For the time being, in the Orthanc ecosystem, only the Osimis Web viewer integrates support for internationalization. Please check out the following old post to know how to translate it to Russian and Ukrainian:

The new Stone Web viewer does not feature internationalization right now, but I plan to work on this feature for release in January 2021:

Regarding the main Orthanc Explorer interface, this topic is discussed in a dedicated FAQ:

Summarizing, the Orthanc Explorer interface was designed for the core developers of Orthanc, which explains why it is an English-only application. I hope to be able to work on an “Orthanc Explorer 2” interface at some point in the future, which would among other features bring translations to the user interface of Orthanc, but this development requires much work. Stay tuned.

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