Transition to separate json config from old style all-in-one configuration.json


I’ve been building Orthanc setups using osimis/orthanc, but with the old style all-in-one configuration.json configuration files.

I have finally started looking into making more sophisticated smaller separate json files (for http, postgres, stability, etc.) and making use of environmental variables to control the settings of the json files from docker-compose.

For most of the old settings in the all-in-one file, I’ve found the equivalent settings in the osimis/orthanc Docker images.

However, I haven’t figured out either how to turn on SSL encryption or provide the certificates. I can’t find the following in the new osimis/orthanc json setup:


I could imagine SslCertificate being replaced by the HttpsCACertificates value of the http.json file, but I'm at a loss as to how to turn on Ssl in the new setup.

Should I make a configuration.json file with the settings not found in the other osimis/orthanc json files?


I figured out how to do this. As I suspected, I created a configuration.json file in /etc/orthanc that contained the settings not mentioned elsewhere in the osimis/orthanc docker instructions.