Transition from old Osimis Orthanc Docker image to new

I’m starting a new thread related to my previous thread regarding errors I was having with the Osimis viewer. For whatever reason, that thread stopped working - all my responses are automatically deleted after a few minutes.

In tracking down the errors I’m encountering in the Osimis Viewer, I learned that the docker image has been updated significantly since the image that I’ve been employing.

Previously, I used osimis/orthanc-webviewer-plugin:latest, which by my local image repository indicates, has not been updated for 6 months. Forcing a pull on that particular image brings down the 6 month copy, as far as I can tell. I understand there are newer tagged images for that particular image. I even tried a few of them without success.

Now, I understand the images are to be taken from osimis/orthanc.

I’m having a little trouble getting the new setup to run correctly and that’s before I manage to fix the problem I was already having.

It seems the single orthanc.json config file has been split into different json files? Or perhaps, at least, the plugins now have separate files? The instructions on the link that Alain sent made me think I should split out my various plugin configuration settings out of my original orthanc.json and put them in separate PLUGIN.json like files.

However, the instructions don’t seem all that clear to me. Or, for most plugins, the examples accept the default values and my setup is a little more complicated by non-default values for some of the plugin settings.

Is there documentation somewhere that describes the transition from the all-in-one orthanc.json file to the setup with multiple *.json files?

For the moment, I’ve reverted back to my old docker image with the all-in-one orthanc.json config file because that’s what I understand and can make work with the various plugins.


Hi John,

I have added a few sections to describe the default content of the osimis/orthanc images and also how you can still use it the ‘old-way’:

Hope this makes things more clear.

Thanks, Alain, that makes more sense.

I’m going to experiment with the new setup at some point because there are a few new plugins (ex. Authorization) that I’d like to test out.