Transfer format compatibility with newer Philips WS

Dear All!

Orthanc users fall in the following problem:

Orthanc version: 1.11.3
Philips MR workstation (newer) with Ingenia-30
GE MR workstation (older) with Optima MR450w

Users can transfer Philips->GE, Philips ->Orthanc, GE-> Orthanc,

But Philips studies from Orthanc can not be transferred neither to GE nor another AET
All the Transfer settings were tweaked, tracing turned and subsequently fail with:

E0413 15:29:18.336707 OrthancException.cpp:61] Error in the network protocol: No valid presentation context was negotiated for SOP class UID [1.2.840.10008.5.] and transfer syntax [1.2.840.10008.1.2.1] while sending to modality [AW01_MR]

Series from Ingenia-30 can not be transferred as a whole, only separate instances.
Looks like
Enhanced MR Image Storage SOP Class 1.2.840.10008.
not supported by Orthanc.

Some instances cannot even previewed by both Stone Web Viewer and Orthanc Web Viewer.

can provide dataset if required.



Please provide a minimal working example, including (possibly anonymized) DICOM sample files, as explained in the Orthanc Book. This is necessary for other people to replicate, then possibly fix your issue.

I also kindly invite you to read the section about proprietary software. Summarizing, you could perfectly ask the support team of your modalities to investigate your issue on site, as you are paying them to assist you, and as they have full access to the source code of Orthanc.

Kind Regards,

Dear Sébastien!

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Most of the data is here: ! self-signed certificate.

Thank you for noticing that Orthanc is free software (which I use since Debian potato)
I’m being mostly like you (university employee) helping to deploy FOSS in state clinic.
Also I’m trying build on top of Orthanc database + REST some kind of the Web interface.

And my goal is not to blame Orthanc, but improve it and make more standard-compliant.
As I have mentioned - GE and Philips talk nicely to each other without Orthanc, instead Orthanc can neither display nor pass to another AET some of the Philips perversions.

with best regard,

Dear Anton,

Thanks for your support of free software, and for providing us with the sample DICOM files!

Unfortunately, DICOM files do not make a minimal working example: We now need command lines using DCMTK, dcm4che or GDCM to reproduce your issue. It is indeed not because images can be exchanged between GE and Philips that this exchange is standard-compliant.