TotalDiskSize Disagrees With filesystem du; any way to stop storing json


I’m using orthanc with PostgreSQL plugin. The stats rest api shows about 2TB of usage, however du on the storage folder shows 7.9 TB

“TotalDiskSizeMB” : 1940349,
“TotalUncompressedSizeMB” : 2125263

Maybe part of the explanation is the JSON summaries (, it’s hard to confirm because compression is on, so cat of random files gives garbage. Also not sure if summaries would explain the entirety of 4x storage.

Any ideas about the discrepancy in storage?

Can I turn off JSON summaries as part of configuration? I’m using Postgres for indexing, the database size is 29GB, so it’s storing a lot of the metadata that overlaps with json (although not all of it I guess).

Any suggestions to recheck if files on disk == index with no straggling files that somehow got into the storage directory?

Thank you.


Starting with Orthanc 1.9.1 and if using the default filesystem storage area, Orthanc will only store the DICOM files (no more JSON summaries).

If combining Orthanc 1.9.1 with the PostgreSQL 4.0 storage area plugin, Orthanc will not store the JSON summaries either.