The RetrieveAE title is not fetched in CFind Response when querying Orthanc. Am I missing something?

According to Nema, SCP should support RetriveAETitle or StorageMediaFileSetID.

What is your question exactly? You should at least write a sentence in plain English.

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I apologize for not asking correctly.

I am using the MergeDICOM library for querying the Orthanc server using C-Find. The model is “STUDY_ROOT” & Level is “IMAGE”. My application fails to fetch the “RETRIEVE_AE_TITLE - 0x00080054” or the “STORAGE_MEDIA_FILE_SET_ID - 0x00880130”.

Below is the sample code where I am trying to get the above-mentioned tags, I have commented on the lines because as the Orthanc server is not returning the above-mentioned tags.

When does this issue usually occur? Is something wrong with my Dicom data or am I missing any settings in the Orthanc config file.

Please let me know if any other details are required.

Thank you.


if (GetValue(A_messageid, MC_ATT_RETRIEVE_AE_TITLE,
sizeof(A_data->image_level->retrieveAETitle), NULL) == QR_NOTAG)
//if (GetValue(A_messageid, MC_ATT_STORAGE_MEDIA_FILE_SET_ID,
// A_data->image_level->med_file_id,
// sizeof(A_data->image_level->med_file_id), NULL) != QR_SUCCESS)
// /return QR_FAILURE;/

//if (GetValue(A_messageid, MC_ATT_STORAGE_MEDIA_FILE_SET_UID,
// A_data->image_level->med_file_uid,
// sizeof(A_data->image_level->med_file_uid), NULL) != QR_SUCCESS)
// /return QR_FAILURE;/


Configuration.7z (9.36 KB)

Orthanc.log.20200630-134609.17616 (11.2 KB)

Please provide the logs at “verbose” level such that we can see the C-Find queries you are issuing.


Sorry for the delay. A patch has just been committed to add the missing “Retrieve AE Title (0008,0054)” DICOM tag:

This patch will be part of forthcoming Orthanc 1.7.3.

Note that the section J.3.3.1 of the part 4 of the DICOM standard you pointed to in your first message is about “Storage Commitment Result”, which is not the same as C-FIND results (actually, in storage commitment, all those tags are optional). The corresponding section about C-FIND is C. of part 4 (C-FIND Response Identifier Structure):