Syncing 2 Orthanc servers at 2 different locations

Hi, we’ve been using an Orthanc PACs for a couple years now. It works great. I was just tasked with adding a second PACs at a second location. We want them to be synced. I set up some auto routing with a Lua script, but it killed performance. Is there a way to schedule a sync for after hours. For example, autoroute the day’s new additions starting at 6:00pm? Open to any advice.


No, not directly, but you have the “tools” … , you could just record the studies-ids processed during the day with a script when Stable, then with a cron, get that list at the hour you want, and transfer them to the other Orthanc.

Bummers. Do you have an example of how to do that? I’m running the windows version for reference.

Hi Raúl,

Another idea:
You could set up a second Orthanc at your initial location.
This Orthanc would act as a “forwarder” and would run a lua script.
The modalities would send to this “Forwarder” and as soon as a study would be received in this “Forwarder”, the lua script would:

  • transfer the study to the “main” Orthanc (initial location)
  • transfert the study to the second Orthanc (new location)
  • delete the study

In that case, there would be no performance problem on the main Orthanc (but a slight delay in studies reception).