Synced browsing / Workaround to display MR Perfusion in Stone WebViewer?

Hi there!

I’m currently trying to display a MR Perfusion Series in Stone Viewer. The Series contains the 3 Perfusion-Views with 50 Instances each, which some (proprietary) Viewers can automatically display in 3 synced Panels, distinguished by their Tags (e.g. Slice-Location or Image Position Patient). This format is not correctly displayed in OsiriX, Stone or Ohif (or maybe I misconfigured something?) - the view will “jump” because the Instance Numbers are distributed like a round-robin between the three views of the series.

To display the data correctly I tried to split the series into 3 new series by Slice-Location & sorted the new series by the Instances original Instance Number with a simple script. The images are correctly displayed now, but the synced browsing is still off and I cannot get it to work. In OsiriX the 3 panels can be browsed in sync, but in StoneWebviewer not.

What are the requirements for syncronized browsing except the same Image Orientation (Patient)? I also tried to align some Values like ContentTime, but to no success. Is there a tag i could add to the instances so the synced browsing feature knows it should trigger and sync the scroll between panels? Unfortunately I did not find a lot documentation about synced browsing in Stone, if you could point me into the right direction I would be very thankful!

Or is there a better approach overall? I’m new to the dicom format and medical imaging, so I’m happy to learn :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for creating a great OpenSource Product!