Study load-time improvement


I am configuring Orthanc and OHIF viewer for one of my imaging product, so regarding that I have one question:
Is there any way to improve the performance of loading study in OHIF viewer ?
In starting phase I was using SQLite database with Orthanc and measured the timings of the study loading, then I moved to PostgreSQL and measured the timings but didn’t find the improvements more than 20%.
Can anyone suggest/help me if I am missing any specific settings that can lead to the fast study load in viewer.



This looks more like a question related to OHIF than to Orthanc. Please check out the following link:


We already speed up OHIF a lot with Orthanc backgend by fixing several issue in both OHIF and Othanc DICOMWeb plugin.!searchin/orthanc-users/dicomweb$20kanoun%7Csort:date/orthanc-users/y1N5zOFVk0M/aXKk1GVwBwAJ

Check :
That you have dicomweb 1.1
Latest version of OHIF
and that you have properly setup OHIF options.

On my HDD server in september it took 50 seconds to OHIF to start, now less than 5 secondes (with the same hardware)
If you need extreme fast starting up, consider SSD disks and caching of metadata response in server side.


Thanks Salim,

I will look into the issues and do the changes accordingly. Will let you know what outcomes I am getting after the changes.