Strange problem with viewer

We are having an odd problem with the viewer function which I’m hoping someone has found a solution to.

In Orthanc Explorer when we call up a patient’s file, then open a study, this seems to “lock” the software into that study such that any other patient file you open then opens that first study.

For example, open up patient Sally Jones, then you will see 5 separate studies for her. Open one of the studies, and you find a procedure titled XYZ on 1/1/11 date. Close her file, and reopen Sally Jones to again view her 5 separate studies. Pick the next one down the list (or any other patient’s study), and that exact XYZ study on 1/1/11 for Sally Jones opens again. You have to restart the server for this function to be reset.

We find this problem to be quite limiting when we want to look up a particular study. Any help would be appreciated!


I am sorry, but I cannot reproduce your problem. Probably I do not use the user interface the same way as yours.

Would it be possible to do a video record of your Web browser? Under Linux, you could use “simplevideorecorder” to this end (



Would you mind providing me with your email address?

I shot an iphone video of the issue in Chrome and can email it to you.

My email is fclittlejohn AT gmail.