Storing data across multiple drives

I am using Orthanc version 20.7.1 in Windows with sqlite.
Orthanc is stored in c drive while the dicom data along with sqlite files are in D drive.
I have free space in E drive as well.
So the question is, is it possible to have part of the data in D drive and part of it in E drive?

Also, the interface http://localhost:8042/app/explorer.html is very limited wrt to deleting old studies. what is the best way to search for studies in a date range and delete them?


First question, no way. Orthanc configuration is static and there is one setting Storage in its orthanc.json so you just have only one. Solution could be having 2 orthanc running, one for D and one for E

Second question, use API and deleting by study id. Try to search over in this forum, there are plenty of answers from Sebastien on this subject